Have a great 2012!

So here we are. The final hours of 2011. It’s been a hectic and exciting year. A year in which a lot happened. Especially from an IT perspective. In my opinion we are currently moving into the clouds. I’m not the one going into predictions, but in my opinion this is just the start of it. Everybody is “thinking cloud” hopefully and creating a road to it!

Also my on personal career took a turn when I joined VMware and just after 3 months I can say that I’m very happy that I made that step. It’s fun being in the front seat of consulting in virtualization and cloud computing and I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to do so.

My blogging was a little bit slow the last couple of months. Mainly due to my career switch. Since I’ve now settled down a little bit I will now spend some more time writing down my experiences. One of my New Year’s resolutions : Share more!

Saying this I would like to wish everybody a happy New Year and remember: Think©Loud!


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