Automation will become key in the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). VMware recently invested in Puppet Labs. Now a new plugin is released for managing vSphere and vCloud Network and Security (vCNS) within the virtual infrastructure. This again is a great step in the direction enabling customer to create the[...]

vCenter and vCNS plugin for Puppet

Auto Deploy has been added to the vSphere portfolio with the release of 5.0. Now with vSphere 5.1 the functionality and resiliency has been improved and makes Auto Deploy the tool for deploying ESXi onto baremetal servers. Auto Deploy works in combination with PXE booting. During network boot the PXE[...]

Auto Deploy in vSphere 5.1

VMware is one of the market leaders in making the post-PC era reality. With the new virtual desktop solution, View 5.1, everybody can now work anytime, anywhere with the same user experience as sitting behind your "old PC".   This virtual desktop is accessible from devices that are already standard[...]

VMware’s next steps in EUC

VMware Labs has again released a fine piece of work which should make installing ESXi a lot easier : PXE manager for vCenter. I’m a fan of automation. Especially when it comes down to the installation of ESXi. First installation is fun, second is nice, but from that point on[...]

PXE Manager for vCenter

One thing to always take into account while designing and managing your vSphere infrastructure is security. VMware also recognizes this and has several resources available to help you in securing your vSphere infrastructure. VMware now released a tool to check your security compliancy against the VMware vSphere Hardening Guide. This[...]

Security : VMware Compliance Checker

The battle for the hypervisor continues. VMware still is ahead of it’s competitors, but Microsoft and Citrix are gaining market share in the hypervisor area. From the start these vendors have had tools to convert virtual machines from VMware ESX / ESXi to one of the hypervisors by the competitors[...]

vCenter XVP Manager and Converter