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Nice comparison of hypervisors

Danielle Ruest and Neil Ruest over at Redmond Magazine created a nice comparison of hypervisors that are currently available. Lately VMware, Citrix and Microsoft are bashing one another about who has the best, smallest, cheapest, etc. hypervisor. Hope this article will clear things up a little bit…

I especially like their conclusion, stating to find out yourself first before making a choice.

Article conclusion :

Don’t get fooled by stories that outline just how expensive one hypervisor is compared to another. What counts is experience, stability and guest operating system density. When you begin to build your own internal cloud, you’ll quickly discover that the best hypervisor is the one you can master in the shortest possible time frame. All vendors offer free virtualization technologies. Try them out in your lab, and see for yourself which one will run the most VMs and offer the best performance on a given set of hardware resources.

The full article can be found here.

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