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The Future Of Computing

Over at CES 2009 last week Microsoft’s Janet Galore gave a conceptual demo of how Microsoft’s technologies will change the way we find, share and use information. The video below will show you the next gen technologies and the way we will use them. A far as I can see we will:

  • Be connected everywhere; Each device will be connected to that one big cloud we have, the internet.
  • Have applications with social network integration; Social networking will integrate with applications. No more addressbooks, creating logins, sending emails, etc. We just share all information through the application we’re working in. How cool is that!
  • Flexible user interface; Apple may be a few steps ahead, but the flexible easy to use interfaces will also make its way in to the most common interface we use. Maybe even your own customized user interface for all devices. Talk about personal tweaking.
  • “Mind map” like presentation of information. I like mindmapping. It’s fast and structured method of showing information in two-dimensional form. Would be great to have such a feature in the future to present large amounts of information.
  • Multi language information display. Would be nice to write something in Dutch and everybody all over the world can read my blog post in their own language.
  • Device interaction. Maybe the coolest feature of them all. Devices that can interact with one another. Sharing information for you without much hassle and on display.

So have a look at this video and see what the future has to offer (according to Microsoft ofcourse 😉 ).

For more information go here.

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