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The launch of VMware Press

Microsoft has it, Cisco has it, so it’s not a surprise that VMware launched it’s own VMware Press. And if I may say so : it fills a gap. The last couple of years the portfolio of VMware has grown from a virtualization vendor to a full size cloud company that can deliver a full range of IT infrastructure software. With this growth also the demand within the IT community has grown for more information and good books about the products that VMware delivers.

This demand up till now was filled by for example Duncan Epping, Mike Laverick and Scott Lowe and many more who piece by piece delivered excellent pieces of work on subjects of VMware, virtualization and cloud computing. Now VMware created it’s own VMware Press brand to deliver books with the same magnificent content of your favorite VMware product.

VMware Press is a joint venture between Pearson and VMware. The joint venture must result in books in the following fields :

  • * Technical books, ebooks, and videos that concentrate on specific applications of virtualization.
  • * Decision Maker books, ebooks, and videos that focus on the business aspects of virtualization.
  • * Official certification materials that support VMware’s complete certification program.

And of course the press release of a new book label would not be the same without the introduction of some new books to be released in the fall of this year

    Coming Soon from VMware Press

    Storage Design and Implementation in VMware vSphere 5.x
    Storage Design and Implementation in VMware vSphere 5.x
    by Mostafa Khalil • Technology Deep Dive • Fall 2011
    In this technology deep dive book, expert architect Mostafa Khalil teaches everything an administrator or architect needs to know about design, management and storage maintenance in the vSphere 5.0 virtual environment, including detailed procedures and guidelines, architectural design elements, best practices, common configuration details, and more.

    Administering VMWare SRM 5.x
    Administering VMware SRM 5.x
    by Mike Laverick • Technology Hands-On • Fall 2011
    In this practical and technical guide to installing and configuring VMware’s Site Recovery Manager 5.0, expert Mike Laverick takes readers through set-ups for multiple vendors, disaster recovery, common pitfalls and errors, while along the way explaining why things happen, and how to fix them.

    Automating Day-to-Day Administration of VMware vSphere 5.x
    Automating Day-to-Day Administration of VMware vSphere 5.x
    by Cody Bunch • Technology Hands-On • Fall 2011
    This hands-on technical guide to automating vSphere with Orchestrator teaches administrators how to save time and resources by automating their virtual infrastructure. Automation expert Cody Bunch teaches valuable practices and tool use through a combination of real world automation examples and case studies

    Must say I’m excited about VMware Press and looking forward to read the books!

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