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VMware’s next steps in EUC

VMware is one of the market leaders in making the post-PC era reality. With the new virtual desktop solution, View 5.1, everybody can now work anytime, anywhere with the same user experience as sitting behind your "old PC".
This virtual desktop is accessible from devices that are already standard for customers. iPad, iPhone, Android, almost every device is able to connect to your virtual desktop.
This version comes together with the release of new Enterprise IT applications that are based on web applications that are being used on the web today, but still give the enterprise the control they need.
The following VMware applications are announced :
* Horizon; Application portal that gives the user a web-based desktop. Able to start enterprise applications from a central locations, but with enterprise access control. Even has the ability to provide Windows applications over the web.
* Socialcast; Facebook for your enterprise. Allows users to communicate with one another via a social media like interface. Ability to integrate with a variety of content based enterprise applications.
* Octopus; Dropbox for enterprises. Nobody like to store his data in public clouds that are not in control of the enterprise. Octopus provides an easy way to provide files to your end users, similar to the way Dropbox and Google drive work.
In the end it’s all about the Enterprise IT end user. They are the ones working every day with the applications that keep the business going. So making their life easier will result in better productivity and a better user experience.
For more information you can see the news release over here.

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