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API Coolness = Real Life Service Mashups

Just read about this and in my opinion pretty cool. Uber and Spotify will join forces and give you the option to listen to your favorite music on Spotify while taking your Uber cab to your next destination. How cool is that?

The question that raised my mind was : Is this a trend that will be the next cool thing to do in 2015?

Probably there are loads of examples out there, but this does seem to become the trend. The option to connect the service that makes your life more comfortable and let it connect to multiple other services that provide another type of service, but the two services combines create a better consumer experience.

True this has existed for years in the digitized world of software, but as our real life services get digitized more and more, the possibilities grow with it. Digitization and consumerization create a drive for innovation and the exploration for new ways to take consumer experience to the new level.

And with all software APIs are the way to connect services together. This ability to mashup real life services is really a level up in consumerization. Today it’s Uber and Spotify connecting. I wonder what the future will hold. One things for sure: in the end it will deliver a better experience for both me and you.

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