Think©Loud is my personal blog. I write articles here of things that I come across in my line of work, my personal life or generally stumble upon. Mostly is related to cloud as I currently work as a Cloud Technologist for VMware. I talk to customer, partner and our own people about, you guest it : cloud. And I generally need to explain a lot of stuff to make people understand how cloud or any other IT tech can make their life better.

Cloud has been an interesting evolution and I tend to think that I know something about it. For me it all has to do with the journey we are currently on. To make IT an accelerator for making life easier. Call it “digital transformation”, call it “the era of information technology”, it’s all marketing fuzz to say IT is the business and the business is IT. And cloud the means to host it all. As business after all is all about the app.

Feel free to reach out me and have a chat about it. Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or through this blog. Always happy to engage and learn 🙂

== Martijn

The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of VMware.

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