When it comes to security there is always the concerns about the security of the ESXi hypervisor. Its always the hypervisor that is nominated as the layer that can’t be trusted within the IT infrastructure. The whitepaper by Mike Foley  tries to give you more insight on how the VMware[...]

Trust your ESXi hypervisor!


Evolution takes place everyday, but sometimes revolution is needed to kick it up to the next level. And that’s what’s happening in the network world at the moment. Those living in the “old world” will deny that a shift is currently happening and will just tell you it’s just an[...]

Network virtualiSation eXplained


It’s always nice to get some acknowledgement for the work you’ve been doing. And fortunately VMware recognises this by the vExpert  program. The announcement for the vExperts of 2013 and … I am one of them! Congrats to all 2013 vExperts!  Continue your work and share the knowledge! More info here and[...]

vExpert 2013