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VMware Distributed Power Management Video

Video has been on the net some time now. It was published before VMworld 2008. Still I love to put it here to show you what an amazing feature it is. It’s also great because you can see what the VMware product line is capable of.  The video shows you a normal business day with a 4-node VMware cluster being hammered by your average production servers accompanied by some very nice music.
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Nice comparison of hypervisors

Danielle Ruest and Neil Ruest over at Redmond Magazine created a nice comparison of hypervisors that are currently available. Lately VMware, Citrix and Microsoft are bashing one another about who has the best, smallest, cheapest, etc. hypervisor. Hope this article will clear things up a little bit…

I especially like their conclusion, stating to find out yourself first before making a choice.

Article conclusion :

Don’t get fooled by stories that outline just how expensive one hypervisor is compared to another. What counts is experience, stability and guest operating system density. When you begin to build your own internal cloud, you’ll quickly discover that the best hypervisor is the one you can master in the shortest possible time frame. All vendors offer free virtualization technologies. Try them out in your lab, and see for yourself which one will run the most VMs and offer the best performance on a given set of hardware resources.

The full article can be found here.

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Microsoft Virtualization Products Explained

Virtualization Solutions

 I’m always looking for material to help other people understand what virtualization is all about. Came across this document by Mitch Tulloch of the Microsoft Virtualization Team. It isa nice PDF document about the different types of infrastructure virtualization solutions (based upon Microsoft technologies ofcourse) and is written in such a style that everybody can understand it. So if your looking for information about virtualization and are new to it, please have a look at this document. Ofcourse it’s also usefull for all you virtualizaton geeks as a reference to all the Microsoft Virtualization products.

 Your can find the document here

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Cloud Computing Explained

rPath created a video for everybody who is as confused as I was when I first heard the term “cloud computing”. It explains cloud computing in plain english (as they state it). But also give you an explanation on how buzz words like virtualization, utility computing and software-as-a-service correlate to cloud computing.

Well get yourself a nice bucket of popcorn and enjoy!
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Hello virtual world!

Welcome to Think©Loud! This is my first post on my newly created blog. Wanted to do this some time, but have been planning this for a couple of months. It’s still a work in progress, but hey everybody got to start somewhere…

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