CommVault Backup Solution For Virtual Environments

On January the 26th CommVault introduced their new datamanagement solution Simpana 8. Normally I’m not that much into backup solution. They need to do their job, period! But this one looks very impressive. In my opinion it’s more like “backup virtualization”. Out-of-the-box it provides data-deduplication. How wonderfull is that. This includes embedded-deduplication (backup to disk) and device-deduplication (backup to tape). Resulting in a reduction of data management costs by up to 40% in the first year and reduces the tape consumables by up to 90%!

CommVault data deduplication methods

CommVault data deduplication methods

Backing up all of a sudden became an easy job and besides that eliminating the backup window.

But also cool is that CommVault has a very nice backup solution for virtual environments. It works for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX. It includes data-protection, archive, replication and reporting. All this integrated to deliver a complete virtualization solution managed from a single console. How wonderfull is that.

Besides that the software delivers the following capabilities to protect virtualized environments:

– Automated discovery of virtual machines using default protection policies
– Agentless backup of virtual machines eliminating resource consumption
– Multiple backup options, including image-level, file-level, and volume-level
– Multiple recovery options, from individual files to entire virtual machines from any physical server
– Embedded, global deduplication eliminates redundant data and reduces storage footprint
– Flexible architecture for seamless, consistent, reliable data protection across physical and virtual servers
– Fast, cost-effective, and reliable disaster recovery for business continuity
– Centralized management of virtualized and non-virtualized environments

 All great features you want from your backup solution. Giving you an easy to manage backup solution at various datalayers in your virtual environment. I’m impressed, hope to try this a.s.a.p. 🙂

For more information go here.