Security : VMware Compliance Checker

One thing to always take into account while designing and managing your vSphere infrastructure is security. VMware also recognizes this and has several resources available to help you in securing your vSphere infrastructure.

VMware now released a tool to check your security compliancy against the VMware vSphere Hardening Guide. This guide is a set of best practices to harden your vSphere infrastructure. The VMware Compliance Checker checks and reports these settings in easy and simple manner.

VMware Compliance Checker for vSphere lets you:

  • Check compliance for multiple VMware ESX and ESXi servers concurrently
    • Run compliance check on up to 5 ESX or ESXi servers at a time and produce reports.
  • Supports VMware vSphere hardening guidelines
    • Perform checks on VMware ESX and ESXi servers to conform with the latest VMware vSphere hardening guidelines.
  • Analyze compliance assessment results
    • After a compliance run, you can view the assessments by ESX/ESXi hosts, plus guests.
  • Save and Print assessment results
    • You can save and print the compliance assessment reports to your team for review and they can be saved for archival needs.

Download your copy of the VMware Compliance Checker here.

This is a free tool and can be used in small and mid-size companies. This tool isn’t a replacement for the security auditing tools out there. If security really is a big deal within your infrastructure take a look at the compliance center by VMware