VMware support for CoreOS

As of today VMware provides support for CoreOS on both vSphere and vCloud Air. This again marks the effort of VMware to support  the containerized world.

CoreOS is one of the lightweight Linux OS distribtutions that is ideal for containers. It is a minimum footprint OS and is designed to run apps that can benefit from a distributed architecture.

It is this distribution architecture that makes it possible to run services at scale with high resilience.

Bringing CoreOS to vSphere and vCloud Air really creates the best of both world: running an OS tailored for Cloud-Native Apps on an infrastructure platform that is build to provide the best performance and resilience from an infrastructure percepective.

The CoreOS OVA has the open-vm-tools natively installed and can get the full benefits of all the VMware has to offer to the OS.

More on the announcement can be found at VMware and CoreOS.