Download YOUR cloud now! #vSphere5

So it has been a while since the announcement last month, but finally it’s available for download : vSphere 5! VMware again raised the bar an created the next generation in cloud computing / virtualization software. And with VMworld just around the corner, everybody can now experience the true power of VMware’s nextgen cloud OS.

vmware cloud os

So what’s in this new release? Where to start. VMware has improved a lot of features that where also available in vSphere 4.1, but also included a lot of new features that make vSphere more and more a flexible and dynamic cloud OS. With more then 140 new features this sure is a masterpiece of work by VMware.

To get more information about the new release have a look over here at the following links :

Where to download the good stuff? vSphere 5 over here!

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