Cloud Computing Explained #2

Cloud computing, the term being hyped at the moment besides virtualization. Or is it the same a virtualization? Is cloud computing only infrastructure or is there more? You can probably see from my thoughts that the term “cloud computing” still isn’t clear to me. But I don’t think I’m the only one.

I’m reading all I can about it, but again a video says more then a thousand words.  This second video (#1 can be viewed here) emerged on YouTube explaining what cloud computing is all about.  So for all of you wanting to know more about this term see the video below.

VMware Distributed Power Management Video

Video has been on the net some time now. It was published before VMworld 2008. Still I love to put it here to show you what an amazing feature it is. It’s also great because you can see what the VMware product line is capable of.  The video shows you a normal business day with a 4-node VMware cluster being hammered by your average production servers accompanied by some very nice music.